Mahbobeh Shams – CEO & Founder

She is the founder of the Mehregan Group, She lives in The Netherlands and she also has citizenship in the Netherlands.

However, she was born in Iran. Therefore, most of the Mehregan group activities involve Iranian animals.

She started her support for animals between 2009 and 2010. However, she continued her support for animals very seriously from 2012 and it was in 2012 that she founded and started the Mehregan group.

Her work consists of management and coordination between her team members. She always loved animals and with time her love grew more and more concerning animals who needed aid and her help.

In the beginning, she started with financial support, and later on, she decided to build her own team in order to support and help animals in every way possible. which resulted in the founding of the Mehregan Group.

Mehregan group focuses its work on supporting animals located in Tehran’s east areas. And the support consists of medical treatment, food support, and castrating of animals. In this aspect, the Mehregan Group has managed to involve American and Canadian animal aid organizations.

Another goal of the Mehregan Group is to find loving homes for animals all over the world.

She is an amazing person, full of passion, kindness, and love for animals. 

Mehrnoosh Mary Kian – Artist, Designer, Illustrator & Graphic designer

She is an artist who loves animals.
Mary got her bachelor’s in visual art and her master’s degree in Illustration. She has published a few children’s books. She helps animal rescue groups by designing their logos, and flyers and she occasionally fosters their dogs.

Mary lives in California and works as a designer for a tableware company. You can find out more about her at

She is a valuable member of our team and we love her for her sense of responsibility and her ability to rescue animals. 

Shirin Jariani – Representative & Ambassador of Mehregan Group in Canada

She is a registered practical nurse, working as an Associate Director of Care in a nursing home in Canada.

She is the representative of the Mehregan rescue group in Canada, responsible for managing the adoption process from posting the ads on Mehregan’s page, to interviewing potential adopters and volunteering in receiving dogs at the airport in Canada.

She volunteers for the Mehregan Group as her passion for animals and usually spends her free time on that. Her interest and passion in helping the Mehregan Group started when she adopted a dog from the organization and was amazed by what the team of the Mehregan Group was doing for animals in Iran.

She is a valuable member of our team and we love her for her sense of responsibility and her ability to rescue animals. 


Mehrdad Dolatshahi – Strategy advisor and Business Developer

Mehrdad is a highly experienced CEO and Business Developer who acts as a strategy advisor and has joined the Mehregan charity organization to provide strategic guidance and support. With over 20 years of experience in various industries, Mehrdad has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various aspects of technology, including website development, network architecture, and business administration.

As a Strategic advisor, Mehrdad is responsible for assessing the organization’s existing technology infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement, and developing strategies to optimize and modernize these systems. He provides guidance on the selection of new growth and development, as well as the implementation of new IT technologies that can help the organization achieve its goals more efficiently.

Mehrdad also brings extensive business expertise to his role as an advisor. He has worked with numerous organizations, both small and large, in a variety of industries, and has a deep understanding of the business landscape. He provides guidance on key business issues such as marketing, financial management, and strategic planning, and works closely with the leadership team to develop effective business strategies that align with the organization’s overall mission and vision.

In addition to his technical and business expertise, Mehrdad is a skilled communicator who excels at building relationships with stakeholders at all levels of the organization. He is a patient and attentive listener who takes the time to understand the unique needs and challenges of each individual, and he works tirelessly to find solutions that meet their needs.

Overall, Mehrdad is an invaluable asset to the Mehregan charity organization. His combination of technical and business expertise, along with his exceptional communication skills, make him the perfect advisor to help the organization achieve its goals and continue to make a positive impact in the community.


We are always in need of foster homes in the EU, the US, and Canada for the rescued animals. Foster homes are an essential part of the rescue process; without them rescuing animals in need will not be possible. Becoming a foster parent means you will become an important key person in our animal's life. We need your help to save the lives of animals who need care and your love. If you have extra love to give and a passion for making a difference, then please inform us and we get back to you asap.