Story of Mocha

Last year we adopted our baby girl Mocha (aka Daisy) from Mehregan Animal Rescue.

We had been looking to adopt a dog for a while, but it was a daunting experience to fully trust one of these organizations with some many options out there. One day, while scrolling through Facebook, we found Mehregan Animal Rescue. As we looked through their posts and feedback from other adopters, we saw a dog that caught our attention, her name was Zhi Zhi, but unfortunately she was already adopted, however, her sister (Daisy) was still looking for her forever home. After a few email exchanges, and a virtual interview (during Covid) we were offered the chance to be Daisy’s new family.

Shirin was great at explaining the logistics of bringing Daisy from Iran to Canada, however, during Covid it was difficult to agree on a timeline. We were already super excited to meet our new baby, but the flight that was supposed to bring Daisy and the other pups got cancelled. Despite this, Shirin made sure we were informed at all times and kept us updated with any news on potential flights.

Finally the day had come, the flight, drive, meet-up went according to the plan, and after a month since the day we applied, we were finally able to meet our little girl and take her to her new home.

We absolutely recommend and encourage everyone to work with Megh and her team to provide a second chance to all of those pups that need it.

We have had Mocha (aka Daisy) for over a year now and she has changed our lives in the best possible way, she is the love of our lives, and the one that makes our family feel whole. Thank you Mehregan Animal Rescue for allowing us to give Mocha the life she always deserved!