Story of Penny ​

About a year ago we decided to adopt a dog. We were certain we wanted a dog from a rescue organization, but wanted to make sure we went through a reputable rescue.

One of our acquaintances is a volunteer who fosters dogs with a local rescue group that works in concert with Mehregan Animal Rescue. He said he has had nothing but positive experiences with this animal rescue group. We trusted his judgment and decided to adopt from the group he volunteers for.

We looked through the rescue group’s photos and descriptions of the many dogs they had available. One of the dogs that was described seemed absolutely perfect for our family. We filled in the application and then followed their adoption process. About a week after applying, we received a phone call from one of the volunteers who asked important questions but didn’t make us feel like we were being interrogated. It just felt like they really wanted to make sure we were a good fit. The application and screening was a simple process, and we were approved to meet “our” dog.

We were thrilled to see that the description the rescuers from Mehregan provided of Penny was very accurate. She was exactly as described: sweet, affectionate, confident and very food motivated! The most important trait we needed was a sweet dog that would be good with children because we’re hoping to become grandparents. That’s exactly who she is!

We’ve had Penny for a year now, and she has opened up our world. We know we got the best dog on the planet, and we’re so grateful to Mehregan for rescuing her and bringing her to us, here in Vancouver.